World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day December 1

World AIDS Day

Rev. Duncan Teague

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December 1st is World AIDS Day.One would not wish you a “Happy World AIDS Day,” but what do we wish for on a day that marks more than thirty years of a global epidemic. The medicines are expensive, the diagnosis still carries stigma that is preventing people from seeking treatment, maintaining treatment and we have inadequate funding to prevent the new cases.

We do have medical prevention alternatives, pills that will almost completely prevent the virus from infecting you, PrEP, but no vaccine. PrEP is expensive and you have to have medical care to get it.

I have had recent deaths of friends who were far too young to have died of this disease.

I wish it were over. Yes, a rather immature response, but I wish the epidemic were behind us like most deadly epidemics. That will not solve the problems or bring a cure. And I want health for all those who have it till they are cured. I want an end to the spread of HIV.

My father said to us as children during this time of year, “It ain’t no harm to want.” I hope my father is right.