Directions and Parking for Sunday Worship

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Hammonds House Directions and Parking

From the East (I-20 West)

I-20 West to Exit 55 A- West End & Joseph E. Lowry Blvd. Exit (Old Ashby Street)
Turn Left at Lowery, go (2) two traffic lights to Abernathy Blvd and turn right. Continue on Abernathy Blvd (2) two lights to Lawton Street. Turn right on to Lawton, go two (2) lights to Lucille Street and turn right. The Parking lot will be on your right in the middle of the block.

From the West (I-20 East or I-75/85)

I-20 East to Exit 55A- West End & Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. Exit. Turn right at Lowery, go (1) one traffic light to Abernathy Blvd and turn right. Continue (2) lights to Lawton Street and turn right. Go (2) two lights to Lucille and turn right. The parking lot will be on your right in the middle of the block. Follow sign to front entrance.

Accessible Entrance Directions

After turning onto Peeples Street off of Ralph David Abernathy, make the first left onto Oak Street. Immediately behind the first House will be a paved alley, turn right and continue to the fence. There will be a parking space, special stairs and a mechanical lift. We will have someone at that entrance for any needed assistance.

MARTA Bus Information

From the West End MARTA Station, transfer to the #71 Cascade Bus. The bus will make a stop at the corner of Peeples Street and Ralph David Abernathy Blvd (4 Minutes)- Walk North (2) blocks.

From West Lake Station, take the #67 Westview Bus to Peeples Street & Oak Street

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