“A Good Leaving”: Final Service at Hammonds House and New Location

We are saying farewell to our friends and hosts of the Hammonds House Museum on Sunday, January 14th. We are determined to live up to our name as we move down the block of Ralph David Abernathy to our newly rented space at 1187 Ralph David Abernathy, in the West End. We will be less than a mile south of the Hammonds House Museum. Did your family and institutions you are a part of have good rituals for leaving with grace and love? We want to leave as we enter, respecting this mighty institution of Black art and culture that aided us when we had no reputation in the West End, nor anywhere else.

Hammonds House also hosted events that were unexpected by Abundant LUUv, like our opportunity to be interviewed by foreign correspondent, Munroe Bergdorf and our anniversary services with far more than double the attendance with catered brunches.

When we were just an idea held by a good Core Team and the consultants the museum welcomed us to begin our congregation. We want to have a good, maybe a great leaving on next Sunday to honor our relationship and to say, Thank you.

Abundant LUUv will be worshipping with B-Renee Edwards and backed by Deji Coker and a bass player. We need your assistance as we gather our things and leave the Hammonds House with appreciation and joy. We do not have loads of things but a few items that will not fit all in one car. This would be a good time to bring a few extra hands and voices to help us rejoice at the birthplace of our congregation as we grow up and move along.

Outdoor shot of new church location.

Indoor shot of new church location.